Everyday life itself is proof that human beings live outwardly by who we think we are inwardly. We call it our Identity. But what if who we think we are is wrong?

In Sinless Jason shares biblical principles, written in an easy to understand and practical manner, to help you discover your true identity in God. Even if you’re not a Christian yet, the truth is that your true identity can only be found in Him.

He makes a solid argument that there has to be more to the Christian life than the frustrating cycle of sin, repent, repeat. He clearly exposes the thoughts and feelings behind living the all too common defeated Christian life. He gets real when it comes to the issues discussed. Sharing from personal experience of how he once lived a defeated life, from a false identity, even though he was indeed a Christian.

That is until he discovered what God had done through Jesus, and who he now was in Christ.

Does your struggle against sin in your life have you feeling like giving up?
Do you feel like you’re losing, more than you’re winning?

Then you need to read this book!

At the same time, Sinless is packed with life gems for any reader, wherever you’re at in life.

It’s an open invitation to discover how to better live out your freedom in Christ.

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